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Ego-World, biofeedback performance, 2015

This performance is based on biosensors like ECG what measures the pulse of the dancer, and some EMG sensors to measure curtain muscle movements. These data are visualised realtime while the performer dances, generated graphics are mixed with prerecorded videos as a vj-act on the stage. It is created by both of the dancer and the VJ. The beats affects the graphical elements of the projection.

The black-and-white videos show limbs moving in a strange way, sometimes they are mistakable because of the weird aspect of the camera. And also there are macro pictures of the human body for example skin and iris.

The choreography contains elements where the movements of the dancer are connected with the generated graphic and are recognisable easily to the audience. But also there are some static postures, that look like a relaxed state – and, for example, at the same time, the heart of the dancer pulses very hard, what the audience can see on the screen. These strange situations interest me in this artwork. I’d like to show and make perceivable the inside of the human body.

conception_visuals_and_programming_by Réka Harsányi;
dance and choreography_by Nadia Abdulwahab;
music_by Gábor Borsos;

@ Connected Bodies Team:

Work In Progress:

Premiere, 2015:

capaTEASER from Reka Harsanyi on Vimeo.


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